Friday, 30 April 2010

More spoonfeeding (lazy mummy) (9th April)

More heinz stuff from a tin (spaghetti this time). It's just quicker to spoonfeed him, as BLW is obviously more fun for him, but he will sit there larking about for half an hour, whereas if I'm in a hurry, spoonfeeding takes maybe ten minutes.

I'm trying to find excuses, if you couldn't tell.
Anyway, he had to have it in his nappy because his nappy leaked and he has bath and bed after he eats, so there was no point putting him in something new just for it to get messy.

Pasta is up there with bread in Theo's world, so he ate almost half a tin.
I did consider giving him his tea like this from now one as he is wipe clean. His clothes aren't.

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