Thursday, 11 March 2010

Biscuit angst

Yesterday we headed to town so I could have a driving lesson and Nana could look after him. I took along a banana and some green beans. Once at the pub I had a cheese and ham melt. I gave Theo some cheesy bread, but he seemed really uninterested.
He was happier with his banana.

I got a digestive biscuit with my coffee and gave some to Theo (oh yeah, Wednesday is clearly healthy eating day) He enjoyed it and got biscuit everywhere.

Later I went into Boots and got some baby food apple rice crackers. They assure me they are healthy and have no bad stuff. Just rice cracker, apple juice and cinnamon. I gave one to Theo. He pulled a face, but then carried on munching. I tried one myself and, oh my God, were they sweet! I tried another one and then another and soon I had polished off half the bag, whereas Theo had eaten a half of one. Oops.

This morning I headed off to toddler group. I decided not to take the rest of the rice cracker and just take his bottle. I met a friend there and she had some of these biscuits. I thought one couldn't hurt. Turns out it did. Even though he had dribbled all over it, and it was all mushy, Theo somehow managed to cut his mouth on the biscuit. I mean, he managed a digestive yesterday! What the hell?! I had no idea what was wrong until I fished the biscuit out of his mouth with a wipe and the wipe came back with a teeny bit of blood on it.
He was not at all happy and he cried a lot. Luckily only for about 20 seconds. Not much bothers him for too long. He wanted to carry on with the biscuit, but I decided to call it a day with that.
Still not sure how he did it.

Off to Heaton park later and I'm taking roast chicken, carrots, broccoli and pineapple with me.

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