Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Cheeky Little Monkey!

Me and Uncle and Theo went to my parents so I could use their shower and uncle could use their printer and I took along tuna sandwiches for packed lunch.
Tuna can be added to the list of fish that Theo likes. I'm starting to think he has definitely inherited my taste in food. Hopefully he hates ketchup and baked beans as much as I do, so I don't have to have them in the house. Mike hates fish, so he clearly got that from me.
Then again, he could just enjoy anything as long as it's on wheat based products.

Later I was at home and Theo was having a bit of a fuss, so was sat on my knee whilst I ate a packet of chocolate buttons. Now, young babies are not meant to have chocolate because it's an allergen, however Theo clearly didn't get the memo. As per usual he watched me eating them with great interest and kept trying to grab them from me. I picked on from the bag and was distracted by the telly for a few seconds. In those few seconds he lunged at the button and bloody well sucked it from my fingers! By the time I had him turned around and tried to fish it out, it had melted. He looked very damn pleased with himself. Cheeky monkey!

Note to self. Do not trust baby around chocolate ever again.

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