Tuesday, 9 March 2010

First tastes - 23rd Feb

We started a few days before his 6 month "birthday" (I couldn't wait)
I was having wholemeal pitta with feta, houmous (hummus?) and salami. I decided Theo could try the pitta and the houmous.
I threw some banana in there for good measure.

I will admit that at first I did wave it in front of his face and put it in his mouth for him at first (not very baby led) but it was mostly because he wasn't paying a blind bit of attention to the food. He obviously gets his attention span from Mummy.

He got the hang of it in the end. Sort of. The houmous went down very well with him, as did the banana. In fact, I forsee banana becoming a firm favourite. Here is he rubbing houmous and pitta into the table.

Later that evening he had steamed runner beans, carrots and broccoli. Mike (The Husband) persuaded me to buy one of those mini bags of vegetables. I think this was an error because they came out of my homemade steamer (also known as a sieve over a lidded pan of water. I'm dead classy, me) and they were a bit sad. You can see they are slippy and a bit pathetic.
Theo wasn't very impressed, but I endeavoured to try again some other time with fresher vegetables.

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