Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Carroty success and Mummy's Pie - 5th March

I decided to retry the carrot using carrots I prepared myself. Theo liked them a lot more than the slippy pre-cut ones.
He also had a corn on the cob, which was a bloody stupid idea, and he left that well alone. He is clearly already more sensible than I am.

That's a well chewed carrot there son.

Carrots make for a happy baby.

I had some apple custard tart left over from the night before (homemade as well. I even did the pastry from scratch) and he enjoyed a piece of apple picked from the tart.
Here he is with a piece of stray custard on his face. Also milk (he wanted a feed halfway through lunch. Can't BLW with Theo when he's hungry. I know that seems counter productive, but the Gill Rapley book suggests not trying them with food when they are hungry)

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