Tuesday, 23 March 2010

"I'll have the Penne All' Arribiata." "You'll need a tray."

Friday found us once again in Bolton. I was bored and gatecrashed lunch with my parents, and decided to try a new Italian place called Prosecco (not actually new, just a revamp, anyway)
As per, I had the penne all'arribiata and gave a few pieces to Theo. It was quite spicy but that didn't stop Theo from chomping away at the pieces of pasta. He rubbed sauce all over his face, but unfortunately I didn't get any pictures.

On saturday we headed off to a friend's house for cheese and wine and Theo had a few plain crackers and a bite of cracker with cheese on it. it was gorgonzola. I have a feeling that I did a bad thing giving him blue cheese, but it was a tiny wee bit and I think it mostly ended up on his top.
He did like it though. (Ha Mike! He likes blue cheese! In. Your. Face.)
He also munched through a stick of cucumber which went down a treat, but I think that may be because he is still teething badly and it was cool on his gums.
After he had had a bit of a munch I put a bit of houmous on the stick he was holding and that confused him a bit, but in a good way because he sucked all the houmous off.

He had nothing new on Sunday, though he tried his damnedest to chew through the box of Mike's easter egg.

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