Tuesday, 23 March 2010

NESW. Never Eat Shredded Wheat. Or not.

Theo was getting bored of weetabix for breakfast, and it was so damned messy that I decided to change breakfast cereal. On Sunday I bought some mini shredded wheat for Monday morning and as you can see, it was most enjoyable to Theo. I just soaked them in a bit of formula so they were a bit soft and less bland.

I also invested in Ryvita (horrid stuff in my opinion) and he had a good old time eating Philadelphia and Ryvita (also smearing it all over his pram)

He had more cucumber for his gums and it made him happy.

We had lamb chops and homemade hash browns for tea and the less said about the hash browns the better (Mike said they were tasty, but he may have just been lying to make me feel better)
As the hash browns were a disaster I just gave him a piece of lamb. He liked it, but it proved too difficult for Theo to swallow, so he ended up gagging and bringing it all backup.
I'm starting to think all he knows how to chew and swallow is bready things with stuff on top.
Here he is with the lamb (it was a really nice bit as well and he just dropped most of it in his pram)

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