Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Cheese on toast

Oh my God, did Theo like this. He just couldn't get enough of it.
At one point he was slipping to the side and I went to straighten him out and he burst into tears because I had interrupted precious eating cheese on toast time.
Needless to say all this gluttony on his part led to a massive gagging fit. However, not even being a bit sick could deter him from the delicious cheesy goodness.

If you look carefully here you can see that he has some in both fists because one fist full of cheese and bread isn't enough apparently.

Oh yes, a word about the sippy cup.
Best. Sippy. Cup. Ever.
It's from Superdrug. It's a couple of pounds and it's well worth it. The other one he has gets knocked off the high chair and the top comes off and water goes everyhwere. Most inconvenient.
Here he is having a sip. He can't quite get it right on his own, so he does need help with it. One handle for mummy, one handle for Theo.

p.s. isn't he such a poser. He knows to smile for the camera now. To get most of the action shots I have to wait for him to stop smiling at the camera and focus on whatever he was doing before he decided to strike a pose.

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