Thursday, 11 March 2010

Heaton Park

So we headed off to Heaton Park with a friend with our little picnic. I've been missing out. Heaton Park is amazing. Theo had a lot of fun looking at the animals. We found a nice spot to eat. Here is Theo waggling a carrot about. He wasn't too fussed about eating it.

Previous forays into meat eating have not gone too well for Theo, but he was very happy with his roast chicken, though he got cold and fussy after a while so we went for a walk to look at the animals.

We went off to Slattery's to warm up with cake and tea. I was hungrier than I thought, so got a cream cheese and salmon bagel instead of cake. Theo liked licking the cucumber from the garnish. He was in high spirits as you can see.

After consulting my memory, I figured he would be ok with smoked salmon (think it's only shark, marlin, swordfish and shellfish that they can't eat, and neither me nor DH are allergic)
He obviously takes after mummy and loved it. We'll have to work very hard to keep Theo in smoked salmon.

"Mummy, that man over there has purple shoes!"

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